Saturday, April 10, 2010

IGA, 3:00

Challenge someone to a duel.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shot in the Dark

Get a critical hit on a target who has total concealment from you.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Blaster Master [20]

Kill 100 enemies with magical attacks.

Kick Them When They're Down

Get a critical hit on a prone target.

Left 4 Dead [20]

Be left behind in a hostile area by the rest of the party.

You'd Be Dead If This Was 2nd Edition

Get poisoned or diseased three different times.

Resistance is Futile

Completely resist an enemy's attack that deals fire, force, poison, thunder, cold, lightning, radiant, necrotic, psychic, or acid damage.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trophy Collector

Collect "trophies" from 20 different foes.

The Survivor [20]

Win an encounter as the only party member left alive or conscious.

Just a Flesh Wound

Receive damage greater than your bloodied value and do not fall unconscious.

The Doctor Is In

Restore an ally's hit points from negatives to positives 15 different times.

Big Spender

Spend over 2,000 gold on a non-equipment purchase. [Heroic]
Spend over 20,000 gold on a non-equipment purchase. [Paragon]
Spend over 500,000 gold on a non-equipment purchase. [Epic]

Hated By Fate

Fail 5 saving throws in a row.

Spinning Piledriver!

Kill an enemy with falling damage while grabbing it.


Be reduced to negative hit points twice in a single encounter.

Skills To Pay The Bills

Get a result of 30 on a skill check. [Heroic]
Get a result of 40 on a skill check. [Paragon]
Get a result of 50 on a skill check. [Epic]

Long Way Down

Fall at least 100 feet and survive. [Heroic]
Fall at least 200 feet and survive. [Paragon]
Fall at least 300 feet and survive. [Epic]

Wizard in Fullplate

Survive an encounter while wearing armor you are not proficient with.

Weapon Master

Use three different weapons during a single encounter.

Untouchable [20]

Go an entire game night without taking any damage.

Sweet Lemonade!

Purchase a mount.

Suicide Bomber

Use a damaging area power when you are in the targeted area and a valid target to be hit by the attack.

Three Strikes You're Out

Miss three attack rolls in a row.

Lord of the Ring

Use the Orphan Ring 10 times.


Go an entire encounter without damaging an enemy.

Not So Fast

Kill an enemy during their turn.

Ninja Assassin

Kill 5 enemies in a single attack.

Mountain Dewds [20]

Have at least 3 players at the table wearing pop boxes on their heads at the same time.

Master Defender

Prevent over 25 damage to allies in a single encounter. [Heroic]
Prevent over 50 damage to allies in a single encounter. [Paragon]
Prevent over 75 (or 100?) damage to allies in a single encounter. [Epic]

I Meant To Do That

Perform an area attack that includes at least 2 friendly targets where you miss every friendly target but hit every enemy target.

I'm a Cop, You Idiot

Turn a member of the Last Laugh over to the Cauldron city guard for imprisonment.

Ain't Got Time To Bleed

Start a turn with hit points less than your healing surge amount while taking ongoing damage and with your second wind available, and end your turn without using your second wind.

Get Off My Plane

Push, Pull or Slide an enemy off a ledge, cliff, etc., where it dies from fall damage.

Finish Him

Performed a coup de grace that kills the target.

Epic Fail

Critically fumble an attack, which results in either you or an ally being reduced to negative hit points.

Coming Outta The Goddamn Walls

Be adjacent to at least 5 enemies.


Kill 100 enemies with melee attacks.

Aggro Magnet

Damage 3 ore more non-minions in a single attack.